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Strascinati di Nonno Ernesto

Grandfather’s Ernesto Strascinati – Traditional Cannelloni Pasta Rolls revisited, stuffed with mozzarella and veal on a light San Marzano tomato ragout.

01. Bolognese Sauce
02. Bechamel
03. Filling
04. Mozzarella Sauce
05. Basil Sauce

06. Tomato Sauce
07. Ragout
08. Pasta dough
09. Gratin Mix
10. Basil

01. Bolognese Sauce


0,70oz (20gr) carrots finely chopped
1,05oz (30gr) onion finely chopped
0,52oz (15gr) celery finely chopped
1,76oz (50gr) pork cheek finely chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
8,81oz (250gr) ground veal
8,81oz (250gr) ground beef
0,14oz (4gr) salt
0,12oz (3,5g) sugar
0,03oz (1gr( white pepper
0,52oz (15gr) red wine
19,40oz (550gr) tomato “passata” Don Alfonso

Heat the olive oil on a large pot, add onion carrots and celery and cook until became soft. Then add the pork cheek in the pot over medium heat and stirring occasionally until the pancetta has released some of its fat and is crisp. Add also the meat, season lightly and cook until beef is lightly browned. At this point pour the wine and cook with high heat till the wine is evaporated. Reduce heat to medium-low heat, add the tomato passata and lightly cook, stirring occasionally, until the meat became soft, the ragout need to be a little liquid as a kind of stew.

02. Bechamel


0,017oz (0,5gr) nutmeg
0,13oz (3,7gr)salt
0,70oz (20gr) extra virgin olive oil
0,70oz (20gr) flour 00
11,28oz (320gr) milk

Do a roux with olive oil and flour and pour the milk. Slowly cook until became the right consistence.

03. Filling


17,63oz (500gr) bolognese ragout
0,17oz (5gr) sugar
10,58oz (300gr) mozzarella diced
3,52oz (100gr) olive oil bechamel
3,52oz (100gr) hearth of toast bread (check the weight
before to add to the milk) soaked in the milk and
4,58oz (130gr) Parmigiano Reggiano 18 months grated
6 pcs egg yolks
1 pcs whole egg
0,02oz (0,5gr) white pepper

When are cold mix all the ingredients listed in the previous recipe together.

04. Mozzarella Sauce


8,81oz (250gr) mozzarella of bufala
8,81oz (250gr) milk
0,10oz (3gr) salt
0,88oz (25gr) tapioca

Add all the ingredients in thermomix and blend at 198°F (90° C).
Otherwise melt the mozzarella with the milk, add the tapioca and blend.

05. Basil Sauce


8,81oz (250gr) basil
0,17oz (5gr) extra virgin olive oi
0,16oz (4,5gr) salt
1,76oz (50gr) tapioca
8,81oz (250gr) sparkling water

Boil the basil leaves for one minute in the water, then cold it down in ice and water.
Squeeze the leaves and blend with a hand blender with the water, oil and tapioca.

06. Tomato Sauce


17,64oz (500gr) tomato ”passata” Don Alfonso
17,64oz (500gr) tomato ”pelati” Don Alfonso
extra virgin olive oil
3 pcs garlic with skin

Heat the olive oil on a large pot, add the garlic with skin and cook until became gold, then remove the garlic and add the tomatoes.
Cook it slowly approximately for 30 min.

07. Ragout


17,64oz (500gr) assorted meat as veal, pork sausage and pork ribs
2 pcs onion
0,88oz (25gr) red wine from Campania
70,55oz (2kg) tomato ”passata” Don Alfonso extra virgin olive oil

Cut all the vegetables mirepoix. roast the meat in the pot and deglaze the pot. Add more oil and roast the vegetables until soft. Add the meat and cook together for few minutes. Add the tomatoes and cook slowly for three hours, stirring occasionally.

Light ragout of tomato San Marzano.
Do the sauce mixing 50% of tomato sauce with 50% of ragout, reduce on light heat and add some corn starch to have the right consistence.

08. Gratin Mix


8,82oz (250gr) mozzarella fiordilatte
3,00oz (85gr) Parmigiano Reggiano 18 months

To blend everything with thermomix.

09. Pasta Dough


9,52oz (270gr) semolina flour
9,52oz (270gr) flour 00
14,81oz (420gr) egg yolks (included in this weight 1 whole egg)

*for the recipe need only 7 oz (200gr) of dough

Roll out the dough around 0,019 inc (0,5mm), cook it in salted boiling water and move in a bowl with water and ice. Dry the pasta dough and spread the pasta on the table. Add the filling in a piping bag with 1,18inc (3cm) whole.
Do a line with farce long 3,93inc (10cm) and roll as classic cannellone. Add on the top of Strascinati a thin line of the mozzarella with cheese (follow the previous recipe).

Cooking and Serving

Cook the strascinati at 356°F (180°C) in a combi oven with 10% humidity for 7 minutes.
Serve the dish on a flat plate, add on the top of the Strascinati the hot tomato sauce.
Use as decoration the sauce of mozzarella alternated with the basil sauce.
Finalize the dish with extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves.