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Born in Lecco in 1962, Enrico Derflinger is one of the most famous Italian chefs in the world. His career starts in 1977 at the Hotel Institute of Bellagio (Lombardy), where he graduated.

Enrico always respected his mentors and the hierarchy of the kitchen. Like many success stories, Enrico started from the bottom performing very humble tasks, nevertheless, he worked hard and always kept an open mind and had a great desire to learn.

Enrico carried his exceptional training at some of the best Hotels and Three Starred restaurants in Europe.

After several international experiences, at 26 Enrico receives a call he will never forget: the British Royal Family offered him a position as a Personal Chef. He was the first, and only, Italian chef to fill this position.

In 1991 he flies overseas and becomes the Chef of the White House under George W. Bush Senior’s administration. It will be a very intense two years during which Enrico gets to know the United States and some of the most prominent American and International leaders.

In October 1994, Enrico is awarded his first Michelin Star, during a ceremony in Florence, Italy. His mentor and friend, Paul Bocuse, gave him the coveted prize, making this moment a very special one.

Enrico opens another wonderful restaurant in Rome: the Terrace of Eden. He works on the project for nine years winning several Michelin stars and many other prizes and awards. Before moving to St. Moritz at Palace Hotel as Executive chef, Enrico cooperates with some prestigious cooking schools.

For seven times he is nominated among the top ten chefs in the world in the “Five Star Diamond Award as one of the World’s Best Chefs” winning the title in 2008.

Enrico spends the next decade in Japan where he opens and manages more than 30 Italian restaurants including the Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo and the Officina di Enrico, the icon of “Made in Italy”. During this time Enrico and his partners successfully embark on the path leading to the openings of Armani Dubai, Armani New York, and Armani Milano.

November 16, 2008: Receives the prestigious International “White Truffle of Asti” award for his constant work to promote Italian cuisine and culture in the world.

In 2009 at the Merano Wine Festival he is appointed Ambassador of Italian Cuisine in the World.

At Vinitaly 2011 he received the prestigious “Fuoriclasse” award.

In 2012, he is elected President of Euro Toques Italia. The association was founded in 1986 by his mentor, the famous French chef Paul Bocuse, together with his friend and colleague Pierre Romeyer, and Gualtiero Marchesi who was President of the Italian branch.

In these years Enrico has the chance to be part of some of the most important world events. He cooks at the reception for the official opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics representing Italy. He is also selected to cook at two G8 and G20.

Besides the institutional events, Enrico is often invited to cook for some of the most famous celebrities at weddings and private events.

In 2013 he receives the prestigious Piazza de Chavoli International Prize in Pisa.

On 2 June 2014 he is appointed by ministerial decree of the President of the Italian Republic Napolitano countersigned by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi: “Commendatore of the Italian republic and ambassador of the Italian cuisine in the world”.

In 2014, Enrico becomes Vice President EURO TOQUES INTERNATIONAL to superintend the food activities at Expo Milano 2015.

In January 2015 Enrico is unanimously elected PRESIDENT OF EURO TOQUES INTERNATIONAL

In December 2015 he receives the international ” Doc Italy, Viaggio Attraverso l’Eccellenza ” award.

In February 2016, Enrico embarks on a new ambitious project in Taiwan: the opening of several restaurants and catering facilities and the creation of a new concept of import of Italian food and wine products.

In December 2016 he becomes Testimonial and City Ambassador in the CULT CITY project in Lombardy for the 2017 tourism year.

For 3 years in a row, Enrico organizes the catering for the “Celebrity Fight night” a worldwide charity event started by Andrea Bocelli attended by international stars and Hollywood celebrities.

In June 2017 Enrico becomes a consultant for Castadiva Resort, and in the same year, he is re-elected President of Euro Toques International.

2020 started with many new projects for Enrico and his team. Everything had to but put on hold due to the pandemic. Enrico took this time to strengthen his relations with chefs in Europe and in Asia, to focus on new ideas and to plan the next steps.

In 2023, an important project is about to begin in China.

On 24 June 2023 he was invited to represent Italy during the candidacy of “la cucina italiana” to be inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in New York. Event promoted by MASAF and the Italian Embassy in the United States, with the support of ICE Agency