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The Italian Trade Agency is pleased to announce “THE ITALIAN RESTAURANTS TODAY” project, a series of virtual master classes for aspiring and professional chefs to enhance their awareness of authentic Made in Italy products, culinary techniques and presentation styles distinctive to Italian cuisine. Leading to the Week of Italian Cuisine (November 14-20, 2022), the innovative program will showcase the preparation of iconic Italian dishes, focusing on three pillars:

  • Use of authentic products and Mediterranean Diet principles;
  • Culinary techniques and evolution in the last 50 years;
  • Plating and experience.

Leading the masterclasses will be Chef Ernesto Iaccarino (don Alfonso 1890) and Chef Andrea Zanin.

Since early childhood, Chef Ernesto Iaccarino spent his school vacation working at his family restaurant, the Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant’Agata, near Naples (Italy). A globetrotter, he traveled extensively: Europe, Asia, the United States, and the Middle East, trying to combine work, discovery of other cultures, and world cuisines. In 1995 he graduated in Business Economics from the University Federico II of Naples. Devoting himself completely to his culinary career, in 2003 he became Chef of Don Alfonso 1890, a two-Michelin star Restaurant. Since January 2016, he is the European President of the association JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs Européens). Since 2016, Don Alfonso 1890 has been voted by Trip Advisors users as the Best Italian Restaurant and opened several locations worldwide. Chef Iaccarino will present Strascinati di Nonno Ernesto su leggero ragù di San Marzano, a recipe from his Great-Grandfather. The masterclass sessions are: ingredients; technique; plating.
Venetian-born Chef Andrea Zanin will lead a masterclass about Tiramisu, exploring the history of this celebrated Italian dessert. The goal will be to educate participants about the authentic recipe and the intriguing story behind each of its ingredients while allowing for creative takes on this deceptively simple classic.
Andrea Zanin’s passion for the art of pastry and cuisine is rooted in his father Pietro’s bakery, founded back in the 1950’s. This passion was then harnessed into a rare talent thanks to Andrea’s deep understanding of Venice’s origins and traditions that span through centuries of excellence. Venice itself is alive with all its flavors, culture, and values in each and every of Chef Zanin’s creations, delivering an unparalleled epicurean experience.
Chef Zanin was named Best Italian Pastry Chef 2005-2006.